My name is Luthfi Azhari, at high scholl called me Fiaz take from middle name LuthFI AZhari. I’m a developer, designer, content creator. I currently work as a Project Manager/Head IT Department for MediaWave. I also make video tutorial about programming for devindo

I started this website as a place to document everything I learned while transitioning from designer to developer. I’ve continued throughout my career and the free resources I create help thousands of people successfully become developers. Please consider supporting me with a coffee. (I might use it towards beer.)

Some things I like

Making websites, make mobile app with flutter, create tutorial in youtube, watch movie, read fiction book, video games, ride motorcycle, gardening, coffe with milk, fried rice, dreaming.

A non-exhaustive list.


Sometimes I need a music and i will play...


  • 1993 – Born in Magetan, small town in East Java, Indonesia. I’m the youngest of three.
  • 2006 – My father buys our first computer, and i play game cat vs dog in windows xp
  • 2008 – I found book about hacking and i destroy some website organization
  • 2009 – First time found facebook and love it
  • 2010 – I create group named with hacking friday in high school and now hacking friday become an official organization at school
  • 2011 – I write personal blog fiazku
  • 2012 – I go to colege at telkom university
  • 2013 – First paid for making a stop motion video at Brodo
  • 2014 – Runner up #6secfilm at tribeca
  • Also 2014 – I get fist time job at sisfo telkom university
  • 2015 – I graduated from college
  • Also 2015 – I move work to ideaplus teknology kreatif x-igent
  • Also 2015 – I continued studying at Binus University
  • 2016 – I am married with meliza
  • Also 2016 – Move Work to MediaWave
  • 2017 – At april promoted as co-head information technology at MediaWave
  • Also 2017 – At June promoted as Head Information Technology / Project Manager at MediaWave
  • 2018 – I graduated from Binus University
  • Also 2018 – At december I left my job at mediawave and start as freelance
  • 2019 – I continued my master degree at telkom university
  • Also 2019 – Software Instrumentalist at devopjbs singapore casualess
  • Also 2019 – CTO at sociotrax Sociotrax

Currently Using