Highly motivated and versatile developer who is passionate about writing clean, efficient code and maintaining modern standards and security.

Technical Skills

  • Languages - JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Dart, Go
  • Tools/Environment - Node.js, Git, Webpack, Composer, CLI, Sass
  • Frameworks/Libraries - Flutter, React, Vue, Laravel, Wordpress, jQuery, Bootstrap, Bulma
  • Data - MySQL, MongoDB, GraphQL, JSON


Freelance Developer

Freelance - 2019 - Present | Bandung, ID

  • Develop Website or Mobile App
  • Design Mockup Website or Mobile App
  • Content creator at devindo

Project Manager Acquisition

Finata Group - 2018 | Remote

  • Manage new team for SASS Development
  • Supervise the development process
  • Optimize flow work in team

UI Developer, Co-Head Information Technology, Project Manager

MediaWave Interaktif - 2016 - 2018 | Bandung, ID

  • Manage team and timeline of work
  • Comunication with client (Sinarmas, Duta Abadi Primantara, Partai UMNO Malaysia, CT Corp)
  • Develop idea for future technology
  • Manage all design process on team
  • Designed dashboard for social media monitoring
  • Designed sentiment analysis
  • Designing development proposal
  • Design integration of rest api at
  • Develop website
  • Design UI website

UI Designer

Ideaplus Tekonologi Kreatif (X-IGENT) - 2016 | Bandung, ID

  • Design ui/ux for mobile app and website
  • Editing promotional video
  • Reseach design for new feature
  • Design promotional banner

Grapich Designer

Sisfo, Telkom University. - 2014 - 2015 | Bandung, ID

  • Designed and maintained custom websites
  • Designed promotions banner print or digital
  • Create mockup/asset of website and mobile app
  • Training about design website and mobile to students


  • Changefly - Oct 2018 - Present | Remote : Learn about the Google Flutter SDK and other technologies


  • Brodo - Create Video Stopmotion for Promotional
  • Pertamina - Design Procedure and book guideline
  • InfoDKV - Design logo, banner and some asset for branding
  • Library UNY - Design Bookmark book for promotional
  • Ojesy - Design branding brand
  • Tourismwave - Develop Web App for booking package tour, flight and hotel. build with laravel
  • Sinarmas - Create Dashboard Social Media Monitoring. build with laravel, spring, solr
  • KICKS by MSD - Create Website blog for sharing information in community. build with wordpress
  • Digital Johor - Create social media monitoring and analytics. build with vue, spring, solr
  • Snapcart - Redesign Web Company Profile. build with wordpress
  • Transmedia Sosial - Built Dashboard for social media listening, monitoring, and tiketing. build with vue, spring, solr, laravel
  • Cripko - Mobile app for monitoring cripto currency. build with flutter
  • Mitra Go - Mobile app get and book your ticket like traveloka or, build with flutter
  • Prabowo Presidenku - Mobile app for showing news about prabowo. build with flutter
  • Wellness Suplement - Design for web company profile. build with wordpress
  • Info Honda Malang - Azis - Web Market place for car. build with gatsby
  • Sahabat Tambang - Web information of mining group. build with wordpress
  • ABH Holiday - Web for rent car. build with gatsby
  • Honda Center Malang - Arif - Web Sales Honda. build with gatsby
  • Honda Mobil Malang - Vivil - Web Sales Honda. build with gatsby
  • Malang Honda Mobil - Lisa - Web Sales Honda. build with gatsby
  • Honda Malang Mobil - Mandalasena - Web Sales Honda. build with gatsby
  • - Mobile App for Recruitment. build with flutter
  • Container Wise - Mobile App for scan bottle and get reward. build with flutter
  • Life Plus - Mobile App build to make aggrement with local repair. build with flutter
  • ORO Gold - Project oracle singapore build for Standart Bank Chartered, Mobile App for buy or gift gold. build with flutter


Master of Computer Science

Telkom University - 2019 - Present | Bandung, ID

Bachelor of Information System

Binus University - 2015 - 2018 | Jakarta, ID

Associate of Informatics Management

Telkom University - 2012 - 2015 | Bandung, ID


  • Runner up in 2014 #6Secfilms competition by tribeca. Source
  • in under 5KB with flutter. source